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About Seraikela

Seraikela or popularly called Saraikella is a prominent city of Seraikela Kharswan district of the Indian State Jharkhand. The town serves as the administrative headquarter of the district. Before getting attached with Seraikela Kharswan district, it was attached with Paschimi Singhbhum district as a municipality. Formerly Seraikela town served as a capital Oriya Seraikela princely state. It has huge historical significance which helps it to be a prominent tourist destination. The town serves as a prominent road junction with rich resources in minerals and a popular agriculture trade center.

About Seraikela
Seraikela Palace Entrance Gate

History of Seraikela

The history of Seraikela refers to the ancient Seraikela Estate which was founded by Raja Bikram Singh in 1620 who was ideally a descendant of Porahat rulers and claimed to be the direct successor of Rathore clan of the brave Rajputs. In 18th century, the state was functioning under the influence of Nagpur Maratha rulers. In 1803 it was included as a princely state of British India and after second Anglo Maratha War, East India Company included Seraikela under Choto Nagpur Commissioner Governance. After Independence the place was merged with Bihar state. However after the formation of Jharkhand state the same was included in it. The truth behind the unique name of Seraikela is still not completely revealed. While some believe that it is name provided by the tribals since in tribal language the meaning is “ village of Saali” whereas it could be because of the Solahkali Bhuiyans, a tribe based here ages back.

Geography of Seraikela

The city of Seraikela lies exactly on the meridians 22.717latitudes and 85.950longitudes. Situated on the banks of Kharkai River Seraikela town is based in the southern section of Jharkhand state. Lush greenery, hillocks and sufficient number of water streams characterizes the location. Tropical sub humid climate prevails over Seraikela. The summers are hot and humid. The average temper in the summer months from March to June stays between 27°C to 43°C. However May is the hottest. Considerable rainfall characterizes the monsoon months from July to September. August gets the maximum rainfall. November to February is the winter season in Seraikela where the temperature remains cool and pleasant. The lowest temperature around this time stays at 10°C. January is the coldest month here. The best time to visit Seraikela is during the winter season when the climate remains ideal for sightseeing.

Demography of Seraikela

As per census 2011, Seraikela records a total population of 26,145 inhabitants. Among this the male inhabitants consist of 53% of the population whereas the female constitutes 47% only. Around 12% consist of child population which is children within the age of 0-6 years. Literacy level of the district stands at 70% which is much higher to the national average literate rate at 59.5%. Around 78% are male literates in the city along with 61% female literates. Hindi and Santali are the local language of the people based in the town.

Culture of Seraikela

Seraikela is a place inhabited by people belonging to Bihar, Odisha and Bengal. Apart from this there are tribal populations too but with few specific tribes like Ho, Oraon and Santhals. Chau dance is the most important attribute of the culture of Seraikela. The place is popular and well known because of this form of art. The Govt Chau Dance Centre Seraikela was established in 1960 and from then onwards the office is responsible of popularizing the form in various parts of the country and abroad. There are arrangements for constant training and trained dancers are taken for cultural events to multiple places around the globe.

Profile of Seraikela
Chhau Dance

Basant Utsav, Chaitra Utsav and Magha festival are popular times when this art is presented before all. There are various festivals celebrated here in regards to the mixed population based here. The tribal communities have their own set of festivals which includes Ho festival , Baa, Hero, Jomnamah, Kolom, Damurai etc. They have their own beliefs and religious sentiments and celebrate the same in their own way. The other communities include Hindu , Muslim, Buddhists, Christians and Jains. The popular festivals for them include Durga Puja, Holi, Deewali, Id, Christmas etc.

Healthcare Services in Serailkela

Seraikela has sufficient facilities in regards to healthcare facilities. There are hospitals and nursing homes spread in various parts of the district and CHC centers in Seraikela to treat any form of medical emergencies. Apart from Sadar Hospital , the district has Vanguard Hospital at Gamharia and Shanti Raj Nursing Home at Kandra which can be visited for all kinds of treatment. All the medical units in and around Seraikela have modern equipments to treat patients at its best. There are also some of the best well stocked medicine stores based here to meet the drug requirements of the patients. The list of the same includes

Vanguard Hospital

Address: Gamharia, Seraikela Kharsawan - 832108, Gamharia
Contacts: +(91)-9431301451 / +(91)-657-6571554

Balaji Medical
Address: Main Rd, Gamharia, Seraikela Kharswan - 832108
Phone: 0657 2387072, 0657 2387510

Sati Medical Stores
Address: Main Road, Gamharia, Seraikela Kharswan - 832108
Phone: 9334812742, 9334812764

Medicine Centre
Address: Main Road, Chandil, Seraikela Kharswan - 832401
Phone: 9934549171

Economy of Seraikela

Agriculture is one of the main occupation of the people settled here. However modern agricultural equipments for cropping is not used here which results into less production than its capacity. One of the primary reason for less agricultural produce is minimum infrastructure and knowledge deficit. The major crops which are cultivated here includes rice , maize, blackgram, greengram, wheat, chickpea, pea and lentil. Apart from this horticulture vegetables are also cultivated here like cauliflower cabbage, tomato, brinjal, chilli, ladies finger, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, sponge gourd etc. Livestock business is also a mode of income maintained here.

Information on Seraikela

Though there are not many industries present in Seraikela but the people are slowly getting aware of the prospects of the area and are planning towards investing here for better benefits. The major business families of the town include Seksaria, Choudhury and Sahu families. Multiple small sector business is operated in their names in the town creating opportunity for all. Apart from this some of the major projects planned here includes setting up of Steel and power plant at a distance of 7km from the town by Corporate Ispat & Alloys Ltd. Seasa Goa and Bharat Steel also have plans of opening Steel plants in this area. Jupitar Cement is also coming up with a cement plant very close to Seraikela. There are planned projects of Adityapur Industrial estate which is one of largest industrial units of the country. Chandil has some small and big units of sponge iron and food processing.

Utility Services in Seraikela

Seraikela is a small town and headquarters of Seraikela Kharswan district. It has some of important facilities available within its geographical limits for the better living of the people here. Some of the major facilities include banking as well as post office services.

Postal Services in Seraikela

Postal Services in any location is extremely important as it establishes connection with other part of society. With the efficient services of the Indian post office and its wide network, it is possible to reach even the most remote places. Seraikela town is also facilitated with these services. The pincode of Seraikela town is 833219 and under this pincode there are four post offices, Seraikela, Seraikela Block, Tablapur and Pathermara.

Seraikela Post Office
Status: Sub Post Office
Postal Division: Singhbhum Division, Ranchi Circle
Address: Post Master, Seraikela Seraikela-Kharsawan, Jharkhand, 833219
Phone: 06597 234610

Seraikela Block Post office
Status: Branch Post Office
Postal Division: Singhbhum Division, Ranchi Circle
Address: Post Master, Seraikela Block Seraikela-Kharsawan, Jharkhand, 833219
Phone: 06597 235528

Banking Services in Seraikela

Banks again is one of the important sectors which help in boosting the economy of the region. Though Seraikela town does not have too many banks within its area but it has branches of State Bank of India and Canara Bank which offers core banking facilities. Both the banks provide with almost all facilities of modern day banking to help the natives here. The details of these banks are listed below.

State Bank of India
Seraikela Branch
Ifsc Code: SBIN0001092
Micr Code: 833002102
Branch Code: 001092
Address: Seraikela Dist Seraikela Kharswan, Jharkhand 833219
Phone: 06597-234328

Canara Bank
Seraikela Branch
Ifsc Code: CNRB0003230
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 003230
Address: Near Seraikela Thana, Dist Seraikela, Kharswan Jharkhand 833219
Phone: 06597-234064

Security Services in Seraikela

One of the most important aspects of Seraikela is its excellent security Services of Jharkhand Police working in the district. The Police department based here protects law and order in the area as well as minimizes the crime rate here. Seraikela city however is a peaceful area with minimal criminal activities and a safe and secure place to reside.

Supritendent of Police in Seraikela
Contact - 06597 - 234004 (o), 234005
Fax 234005

Seraikella Kharsawan
Code: 06597
Office No. 234646
Residence No. 234646
Mobile No. 8757888805

Tourist Attractions in Seraikela

Though Seraikela is not one of the major tourism sites of the state but still it has few attractions which pull in travelers to this town. There are both historical and religious destinations which makes it quite popular.

Seraikela Tourism
Durga Mandir in Seraikela

Seraikela Palace

Seraikela Palace is one of the primary attractions in Seraikela town. The palace is a 300 year old building with rich heritage attached to it. It serves as one of the important landmarks within the city as well as a place with immense historical importance. Architectural brilliance is visible in the palace which also is quite attractive. Maa Paudi temple is based within the palace and is a place of religious importance.

Kharkai River

Kharkai River is one of the major tributaries of Subarnarekha river. The scenic view of sunrise and sunset in this place is spectacular and stunning.

Temples in Seraikela

Built in same style as the temple of Jagannath Temple of Puri, this shrine is quite popular among the devotees. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Raj Shiva Palace Temple is another religious destination of Seraikela. Maha Shivratri is celebrated religiously in this temple attracting the devotees from the nearby destinations.Durga Mandir of Seraikela holds immence importance in the life of the people as being the the holy site where ever year Durga Puja is celebrated.

The picturesque view from the banks of Kharkai river with verdant greenery spread all over makes it a really mesmerizing experience here. The harmonious ambiance and the serene environment make it a ideal location to spend a relaxing vacation. Though Seraikela does not have sufficient number of tourist attractions within the city but it is closer to many popular tourist destinations like Chaibasa, Jamshedpur and Purulia.

Transportation in Seraikela

Seraikela is a city that falls between Chaibasa and Jamshedpur and thus has good connectivity through railways and roadways. By air the nearest airport to Seraikela is the Ranchi airport at a distance of 171km from Seraikela town and takes about 3 hrs to reach the same. Both JSRTC and private buses are available to reach the airport. Apart from this there are private taxis available too. By rail Sini Railway Junction is the nearest airport to Seraikela located at a distance of 11.8kms away from the town area. Local buses take around 15 mins to reach the station. Many trains have a stoppage in this junction and thus it establishes connectivity with many popular stations across the state and beyond. Apart from this Chaibasa Railway station is also much closer to Seraikala town based at a distance of 22kms only. There are excellent roadways connecting Seraikela from all major stations. The city is close to Chaibasa which can be reached in half n hour in an auto rickshaw from Seraikela. On the other end Jamshedpur can be reached within 50 mins if traveled by bus or auto rickshaws. JSRTC buses are popular here which connects Seraikela with other major stations. Ambagan Bus Station, Asantalia is the nearest big bus stand from Seraikela at a distance of 20kms.

In a nutshell Seraikela is one of the promising cities of Seraikela Kharswan district. It has huge potential which assures a better economy in this region in future.

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